Having spent many years stopping and starting my blogging journey, an assignment at university finally pushed me into the inevitable, my new blog, Brash and Ballsy.  It was always a scary thought to put myself out there, wherever “there” is. The thoughts of being judged for my thoughts and feelings is nerve wracking, but I am beyond excited to share my journey into, hopefully, a writer. I have always been interested in writing and its bedfellow reading (an obsession started when I was young), when I decided to change degrees I was pulled, or dragged, into the world of writing. And boy am I glad I followed my heart, this has been the best time in my academic life. Having a strong feminist woman as my mother and mentor, and a couple of years in a social work degree, I am focussed on female issues in a light. This blog will highlight issues that are affecting the modern woman, as well as a light-hearted look into my life as a woman in 2017.

Brash and Ballsy will provide my readers with a look into my life, while I navigate my way through my thirties.

Happy reading!

-K x