The start of the day

“Here we go…” Lady Gaga hollers, forcing me from my slumber. It is absolutely lashing down outside and a 4:20am alarm on a public holiday is the last thing I want to hear. I fumble to remove the mouth guard I have been attempting to wear to stop the incessant grinding that is now a part of my life, quickly think about checking TMZ and other apps but decide not to and stumble out of the bedroom to shower. Nothing about getting up enthrals me. Creeping past the two small dogs sleeping on the couch I contemplate my day. Shower, get ready, even worse stop for fuel, and then the drive to work.


The shower warms me as I struggle to keep my body under the flow of water, but still doesn’t give me the oompf I desire. Quickly deciding on tying my unruly hair up and then I slap on some moisturiser and primer, I don’t understand why I have to continue on my morning routine when I will only be seen by a few and I don’t really care how they view my appearance. Still every day I beat my face and get ready to face the day.  Quickly forcing the dogs from their bed to ensure no sneaky inside toilets, I scurry around the house trying not to wake the beast. It is so much easier when he is working away and I don’t have to pretend to be a burglar in my own home. Down the hatch go my morning pills and after ensuring I have my phone and charger I leave.

The rain hasn’t abated much in the twenty minutes or so I have been up, so I quickly rush to the car to start my journey. My favourite podcast is playing and the demister is set to high as I drive down my quiet sleeping street to the petrol station.  As I put my car into park at the bowser I instantly regret not refuelling on my way home last night, I fill my car up and rush inside to get my morning sugar fix. The people in the shop must think I am a certified moron, but even though technically I’m awake my brain takes a while to catch up. Back in the car I am finally on my way.

Always early I have left way ahead of time, but I enjoy the few minutes of solitude in the car before the insanity of work starts. The route I take depends on my start time but due to the early hour I risk the freeway. Thankfully the rain and insane hour ensures a smooth journey with very little traffic to enrage me. My favourite podcast keeps me entertained as I speed down the freeway to my destination. The podcast is also what keeps me in the car longer than I should be, but I shove my headphones in my ears and get out the car. I see that it is actually raining heavier than before and decide a sneaky cigarette is in order and rush to the alcove across the street from the car park. Standing in the dark with only the street lights and the glow of the smoke to light my way I watch the rain fall, regretting not getting a new umbrella when mine broke I flick the cigarette butt into a puddle.

After considering my options, all will get me soaked; I throw my glasses in my bag and decide to make a run for it. Running halfheartedly up the driveway, then cutting across it, I end up nearly skidding down the wet stairs that take me to my office. At the door I swipe my access card, when it flashes green I force the door open and make my way inside to start my shift.


Happy reading!!
– K xx

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