Cheater cheater pants on fire

This morning, as I do every morning, I checked TMZ for my daily gossip fix and there was an article about international football star Wayne Rooney being caught for DUI at two am in the morning. What was interesting to me was that he had a woman that is not his pregnant wife along for the ride. I’ll just put it out there now that I am not accusing Rooney of cheating, though what are you doing at two am in the morning with another woman after a mammoth drinking session while your pregnant wife is holidaying elsewhere? This got me to thinking about how many people cheat on their partners. I used to be quite black and white on the whole cheating situation, if he cheats I’m out was my old motto.


As I have said before I have been in a relationship for about seven years now, and I trust my partner completely but I have also had the opportunity to cheat. I am sure he has had the opportunity also. But so far neither of us have gone down that road, but I have been close. Nothing happened and the guilt of even having the opportunity is something that I hope never to feel again. It is a shameful moment that I try not to think about but it has also shown me how much I value my relationship.

Honestly I don’t know how people can have these multiple lives where they have other women or men and then go home to their partner and pretend nothing happened.

Apart from the guilt I would feel in betraying my partner’s trust I feel very strongly that if you are seeking something elsewhere then something is missing. But now I don’t know if leaving is the only option, every relationship is different and some indiscretions can be forgiven and some can’t.

Happy reading!
– K xx

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