Confessions of a spy girl


I have a confession to make, I am obsessed (but not creepily or maybe a little creepily) with people. If I could bug every household (building, car, boat, and outhouse) I would. I happily sit outside when at home and eavesdrop on my neighbours, listening to their lives unfold. A lot of the time it’s as mundane as my life, probably all our lives, but I find it so curious to see how other people live their lives. I love it! It seems I am desperate to find out everything that makes people tick. I think my one burning question is why does someone do something, what are their motivations. I need to know!

My closest neighbours (a married couple in their 40’s) provide me with hours of free entertainment, especially if a few beverages have been taken! They spend hours (even more so than the creep next door – me) sitting outside and they talk. Boy do they talk. It’s a constant. If one  of them is home alone, they’re on the phone, or have a visitor or are yelling at their constantly barking Jack Russell, Cooper. But it is best when they are both there and they have visitors and even better when he doesn’t agree with someone else’s opinion. Oh lord the craziness I have heard from them! Amazing! But I haven’t learnt anything substantial from them except to shut the window and doors when they’re outside, otherwise my house smells of their cigarettes.

I recently put a little lounge out the front so I could get some good roadside spying happening, but the local young (10-14 years) kids make it difficult to do any worthwhile spying. They prefer their own kind of crazy and tend to scream at people if they are out the front of their own home. They also like to stop traffic, scream offensive and racist comments, and generally cause a nuisance. I’ve learnt from them that they don’t have strict parents!

In my spying experience the best place to spy is the supermarket. You can get up close to your prey (a complete stranger who may be having a fight with their husband/wife/partner/child/sibling/another shopper) without appearing to much like a stalking creeper. I have also been caught out by other “spy’s” while in the shops too, though it was probably more eye opening for them due to my propensity to use phallic shaped objects to annoy and embarrass my love #sorrynotsorry!!

What I have come to learn from all my spying, is that everyone is so gloriously different, but also we are all the same. We all have things in common, whether it be an annoying partner, an illness, kids/no kids etc.. We all have shit going on in our lives and we all deal. We all get on and live our lives. So while I may not have learnt all the answers to my questions, I won’t stop observing people. We are so much better than any television program and if anything, it gets me out of the house (if not very far from it!).

Happy reading!

-K x


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