Let’s talk about food….again


I have a confession to make, I hate talking about food. I must be one of the few people in the world who isn’t mad into discussing everything that goes into my mouth. Everyday my partner and I have a text message war about what is for for dinner. It is extremely annoying for both of us, you can judge who would be most frustrated. You would think after nearly seven years together he would know what I like to eat, as he is the primary chef in our house (which is amazing in itself). While I don’t have any specific dietary requirements, I am quite the fussy eater. I would honestly would be happy with a sandwich for dinner or eggs on toast. Every night for a year, anything to not talk about it any longer! There are many dislikes for foods if I have to make a decision, but if he just makes something and doesn’t tell me then I absolutely love it! Crazy right?? He must be driven mad by my antics. As I am of everyone I know who talk constantly about food, their diets, and how much weight they have to lose.

My aversion to discussing food could be related to my mother. While she is the most fabulous woman I have ever met, I have probably only ever witnessed her eating a proper dinner ten times in my life. There were always suggestions, not digs, to eat healthier or to lose just a kilo or two. Nothing terribly damaging, but nonetheless it has left a bad taste in my mouth (food pun!).

pexels-photo (1).jpg

While I am all for a healthy lifestyle, I am an advocate of all in moderation. What is the saying? A little bit of what you want does the body good? That is probably not the quote but the meaning is correct. Why deprive yourself? If you fancy something, have it. Simple! I just don’t see the need for the constant chatter about it. All day at work I hear what the other staff have eaten for EVERY meal ever, and I just want to block my ears. We have vegans (even the crazy vegans), vegetarians, full carnivores, the strict dieters, the desperate to lose weight, the 5/2 diet, and everything in between. It is a madhouse of craziness.

In my mind there seems to always be a reason for people to talk about food, and it completely baffles me. I work ten hours a day and I would say all of those hours are filled with food talk. How can you possible talk about food for ten hours?? Why would you want too? But all day long I am inundated with chatter about food and the text craziness from him. While I sound like a weird maniac with a serious food aversion, this is not the case. I eat daily, I eat bad things, I eat good things. I just don’t need to talk about it all bloody day!

If anyone would like to share their thoughts and feelings about this post please comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this very important topic!

Happy reading!

-K x

(all pictures sourced from pexel – https://www.pexels.com/)

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