How afterpay has ruined my life…. and the lives of shoppers alike!!


Long gone are the days of struggling with an out of control shopping trolley, if you are like me online shopping is a life changing and budget breaking invention! The thing about me is that I hate physically going to the shop, picking through the racks, checking out, hauling my bags, dealing with people (especially slow walkers!). It is all way too much for me, I’d rather spend my time doing anything else than shopping, such as watching old episodes of Law and Order: SVU and staring at my eyebrows (which are fab!!) .

Online shopping, now that’s another thing; I love me some online shopping. The ease, the parcels arriving (presents from me!), even having to post back items that don’t fit or just aren’t right, and especially the options available. Living in Perth, Western Australia, we have fabulous shopping centres and have a growing number of quality shops such as Zara, H&M, Topshop, plus the fabulousness that is King Street. But even that doesn’t make me want to venture out with the masses to find the perfect piece. And that is why I was so excited with the arrival of afterpay and zipPay. You’ll find my top 5 reasons why afterpay and zipPay is amazing below.


I am sure many of you have heard of afterpay and zipPay, and like me completely addicted after the first purchase! If you have been living under a rock, or are not a big online shopper then perhaps you are not aware; so I will give you a quick rundown.

Afterpay and zipPay give the shopper the choice to pay now or pay later. Amazing I know!! And what a concept! With afterpay you have four payments every two weeks to pay off your purchase. Excitingly you can now afterpay in the actual shop, not just online. And the best part of it all is that after the first purchase, you don’t have to pay the first instalment on the day of “purchase”. Amazing! It’s like the best kind of layby ever invented.


After being told about this marvellous invention, I tentatively went looking on the website to see what lovely companies are selling their wares in this way. OMG! There are so many good shops, including Mimco, Sheridan, Witchery, Topshop and many more. Every time I go onto the afterpay website, it seems the shop directory has increased tenfold! There are so many shopping options made available to you, I can only imagine what it will look like in a year. It truly is the online equivalent of going to the mall.

Brash and Ballsy’s Top 5 reasons to join the afterpay party

  1. You don’t have to spend all your money at once! Really, how could this not be the number one spot?? If you are like me and want to keep shopping, but your bank balance wants you to stop, then afterpay is for you. A layby type system where you pay off your shopping cart in four easy payments, which are deducted from your account every two weeks. And if like me you can be slightly forgetful, I blame the fibro fog but it could be that I study and work full-time too, the lovely people at afterpay or zipPay will email or text you to remind you when they will be taking the next payment.
  2. You get to enjoy your purchase while you pay it off! While you have to pay off your purchase in an allotted time frame, you get your purchase posted to you straight away! Yes I am going mad with the exclamation points, but who wouldn’t??
  3. The choices are endless, or near about! The shopping directories on afterpay and zipPays websites are getting longer each week. You will be obsessed with these websites after the first visit. I know I am….
  4. It helps teach about budgeting. OK that may be a stretch but I truly believe that this has helped me with my fortnightly budget. Instead of spending $200 on beauty products from Adore Beauty and then having to eat air for the remaining days til my next pay, I can now budget my fortnightly afterpay payment along with my other bills. Easy Peasy, I am practically a budgeting expert now and it’s all thanks to afterpay!
  5. It is so easy! Truly, if my friends and I can figure it out, then anyone can!!

Happy shopping!!

– Kx

(all pictures sourced from pexel – – with the exception of the afterpay logo which was sourced from

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